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How to Perfect Your Work-at-Home Policies

Now that you’ve decided it’s okay to enact a work-at-home policy, maybe you aren’t quite sure what should be included in it. That makes sense; the entire frontier of work-at-home was just ...

Listen Your Way to A Successful Business

How well do you actually listen to your customers?  It’s not enough in this day and age to make a decent product, pay for some advertising to attract eyeballs and ship the ...

The Importance of a Strong Employee Employee Handbook

Though many of us take the employee handbook for granted, a well-written and up-to-date handbook is a great tool for both a company and its employees and should be properly maintained and ...

Shadow Tech: The IT Professional’s Worst Nightmare

Nothing can make an IT manager cringe more than the mention of the phrase “Shadow Tech.” In an age when new software and hardware are released every day, it can be quite ...

Three Ways to Make People Pay Attention On Twitter

From a business perspective, Twitter is all about gathering a following. The more people following your account, the larger your potential audience for business, which is what you need to be successful. ...

Errors opening Office documents after upgrading to Windows 10

by Leo Bletnitsky If you upgraded your PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10, you may find that many Microsoft Office Documents give you errors when you try to open them. This includes Microsoft Word and Excel. There is a ...


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