Looks like Facebook allowed a ton of user data to leak almost 2 years ago, but felt that they are too good to be required to inform their users!

Business Insider discovered the database of half a billion people's personal data being freely shared on the Dark Web. Read the story here:


Why should you care? Well there are a few problems here. If you are tired of getting those scam calls about your car warranty expiring, Marriott Vacation you have won, medicare eligibility or solar system promo, this may be where the SOB's got your info!

Additionally, since cell phones are very often used for 2 Factor Authentication, the bad guys knowing your number is one more piece of the puzzle that makes stealing easier! If you or your company are directly targeted for fraud, if the bad guys compromize your bank password, they can then port your cell phone number to a burner phone and receive the text notification from your bank!

This is just one more example of why maintaining different passwords for different accounts is so important, and why moving from text security verifications to using a app like Duo, Pasly, Google or Microsoft Authenticator is a really good idea! That way even if you are compromised, stealing your cell phone number will not allow criminals to access your sensitive accounts.


By Leo Bletnitsky

Healthy Technology Solutions

Leo Bletnisky