Today, almost every business in every industry knows that online data protection and internet security are vital to its success. Most companies invest in traditional IT security measures, yet many are unaware of another nefarious hidden enemy potentially lurking beneath multiple layers of security. 


The Dark Web

The dark web refers to a part of the internet that can only be accessed through the use of special software which allows users and website owners to operate in anonymity. Using much of the same infrastructure like the web we use daily, the dark web servers are hidden, providing complete anonymity to users, especially when connecting via a VPN.


A hotbed of criminal activity, the dark web is still an obscure phenomenon to many businesses regarding IT security. Illegal activity is ripe on the dark web, especially among online marketplaces where confidential records, malicious software, and stolen credentials run rampant. 


How The Dark Web Poses Potential Threat To Your Organization

The dark web doesn’t pose the same threat to your organization as does that of social engineering scams and malware do, but it is where cyber-criminals go to purchase and sell stolen data. If your organization suffers a data breach, any stolen records such as login information, financial data, payment details, and other personally identifiable data will likely end up on the dark web marketplaces. 


Adaptability Of The Dark Web 

Just as the web we all use, the dark web is perpetually evolving and adapting, making it nearly impossible to be brought down. It can take years for law enforcement to make headway on tracing communications back to host servers of illegal marketplaces. When the FBI manages to close down a significant marketplace, others appear. Forums also exist on the dark web where stolen data is traded, nearly impossible to track. 


Why Dark Web Monitoring Is Essential For Your Organization

When your organization has suffered a data breach, it can take on average six months to identify that the violation took place. Unfortunately, determining a data breach usually takes place long after the stolen data has been sold on the dark web and misused, causing loss that is detected and affecting consumers and clients. 

Only by monitoring the dark web in real-time can an organization identify stolen data and intellectual property more quickly, resulting in better outcomes for potential victims of compromised accounts. While the stolen data may not be retrieved from the dark web, steps can be taken to minimize the harm to your business and your customers. Dark web monitoring services work around the clock, providing your organization with the security necessary to respond quickly and efficiently if data is breached.